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TT Scale Model Railroad Layout with Trains from the Czechoslovak State Railways

In the Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, are ambitious railroad enthusiasts, too. Due to historical development, they don’t use HO gauge or HO scale but TT gauge or TT scale. TT scale is a niche model railroading scale, whose name stands for “Table Top”. Its 1/120 scale, a gauge size between HO scale (1/87) and N scale (1/160). Its original purpose was to make model trains small enough to be able to assemble and operate it on a table. TT model trains retains a small niche in the United States and in the United Kingdom, but growing popularity in the former East Germany, and it is the second most popular model railroading scale in Eastern Europe and Russia. In this video, the model railway layout was built by the Czech model building club called KŽM Trutnov. On the TT display, there are motives of the old Czechoslovak State Railways. On the club’s TT layout is also a doubletrack railway line in Bohemia, a large central station, and a narrow gauge railroad. A big part of the rolling stock was handmade by the club members. The size of this outstanding TT gauge layout is 6.0 x 4.5 meters.

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