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Since 2013 Pilentum Television is one of the largest video networks for model railways, model railroads and model trains. Both on Pilentum’s YouTube channel and on Pilentum’s websites videos, photos and descriptions are offered in more than 20 different languages. So Pilentum reaches millions of viewers via YouTube every month. Viewers from all over the world enjoy the videos and photos that are presented on Pilentum Television.

Pilentum’s focus is on presenting miniature worlds, model railways and model railroads from all over the world. The focus is on the beauty, the uniqueness and the originality of a layout. The size (area) or the scale is irrelevant because Pilentum’s audience want to discover miniature worlds including beautiful landscapes, rare train sets and they want to listen to the original sound of locomotives.

All over the world, there are model railroaders and railway enthusiasts as well as model train clubs who have created a superb miniature world or magnificent dioramas. Unfortunately, Pilentum cannot visit every layout. However, Pilentum wants to present also your layout. Yes, now you can show your model railway layout or model railroad layout to the world! You can use Pilentum Television's popularity and reach millions of viewers - completely free! All you need is a camera, smartphone or mobile phone as well as a virtual hard drive, such as “WeTransfer”.

Present your model railway layout and model trains on Pilentum Television

Quick Guide

You shoot video clips of your model railway or model railroad layout. These video clips can show trains, landscapes, buildings, etc. It is important that the camera or the smartphone is not being moved. Do not move or pan the camera because there is nothing worse than shaky videos. It is best to use a tripod if available.

When you've made the videos, upload them to “WeTransfer”. After the upload you have to share this online folder with Pilentum Television. Then Pilentum can download your video clips and create a video presentation. Pilentum will edit your video clips and translate your description into different languages. Of course, your name or your club or your website will be mentioned as reference.

Finally, all services are free of charge! Pilentum does not charge a fee. It's all about presenting your work, your model railway or model railroad layout to a worldwide audience. The only “bureaucratic thing” is that we have to fix a small license agreement, which will be sent via e-mail. This license agreement gives you and Pilentum Television the legal security that you are the author and Pilentum Television is allowed to cut, edit, change and publish your videos.

c/o Mr. Markus Lenz
Gesellschaft für multimediale Dienste
und Unternehmenskommunikation KG
60314, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
E-Mail: post @ pilentum-television.com

Present your model railroad layout and model trains on Pilentum Television

Step by Step Guide

1. Camera resolution and video format

Pilentum works with a video editing system that is also used in broadcasting. It is the “Edius Broadcast” editing system. So Pilentum can edit almost all video formats from standard HD, Full HD up to 4K UHD video. Nevertheless, you must make sure that you do your video recordings in the best possible video resolution provided by your camera or mobile phone. The video resolution should be at least 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height.

Modern 4K UHD video has a resolution of 3840 pixels in width and 2160 pixels in height. If you're shooting video with a mobile phone, hold the phone in landscape (widescreen) mode. The correct aspect ratio is 16:9. Pilentum cannot use videos recorded in portrait mode (aspect ratio 9:16). Before we start our cooperation, simply create two short video clips and send them to Pilentum. Then we can make sure that your video recording settings are correct.

2. The correct frame rate

Certainly you can remember the old motion picture film format called “Super 8 film”. These films seemed not very fluid because they were only recorded at 18 frames per second (18 fps). But the human eye can easily capture 25 or 29 frames per second. With Full HD technology, videos are very smooth and fluid because they are recorded at 50 or 59 frames per second.

With model trains we are dealing with very small objects that move very fast. Therefore, the frame rate is an important factor for optimal video recordings. The more frames per second, the smoother the video. Depending on your camera or smartphone settings you should use the parameters 25 fps, 29 fps, 30 fps, 50 fps, 59 fps or 60 fps.

Don't worry: You don't have to be a cameraman! Here again, before we start our cooperation, simply create two short video clips with the highest frame rate and send them to Pilentum. Then we can make sure that your video recording settings are correct.

3. Speed of model trains

Pilentum’s audience really likes to see model trains from other countries. Therefore, the speed of the trains should be very low. Note: If a train passes the camera within three seconds, viewers cannot see anything. That's why you should set the speed to a reasonable level. Rather slower than faster.

4. Distance between camera and trains

Note that there is a so-called close-up limit with every camera and every lens. In the technical language this is called closest focusing distance or focal distance. Due to their small dimensions, especially mobile phones can be positioned directly on the model railway layout. This camera position generates spectacular video recordings. But you have to consider that the focus of the camera is limited. So make sure that the video image does not become blurred. Increase the distance between camera and trains to get a sharp video image.

5. Do not pan and move the camera

Basically, Pilentum shoots videos with a camera that is mounted on a tripod. This recording technique with a tripod generates calm video images. Using a tripod avoids blurred and shaky video images.

If you use a normal video camera, please use a tripod. The camera should not be moved. The rule is: Trains pass the camera! The camera does not follow the trains. If a long train or even two long model trains pass the camera, film the whole scene. We have enough time to see long trains.

If you are using a mobile phone, try to place the smartphone with a mounting construction so that it is fixed wobble-free. Videos made with a mobile phone which is held by hand are often shaky and blurred. Use a trick: Use cartons or books as a pad, as a tripod or as a holder for the phone.

You can also buy a mobile phone tripod. These do not cost much money and are suitable for many situations. Check out the offers on Amazon's marketplaces in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy or Spain.

6. Two seconds before and two seconds after

Pilentum takes care about the entire editing of your video clips. But for video editing it is necessary that a video recording starts at least two seconds before the action is visible. Please, start the recording before the model train passes the camera. The same rule should be used at the end of a video clip. Please, wait two or three seconds until the action is over. This simple recording technique (two seconds before and two seconds after) gives Pilentum enough video footage to generate clean cuts and beautiful crossfades.

7. Background noises, voices and music

When you create your video clips, please make sure that there is no music in the background. Also avoid conversations with other people. The microphones in modern cameras and smartphones are so extremely sensitive that they can record wonderful sound recordings of passing model trains. It would be a shame if these authentic sounds were disturbed by foreign music, conversations or other background noises.

8. Uploading

The services of “WeTransfer” is free of charge. You don't have to register. You can upload your video recordings from your camera or from your mobile phone directly, via USB cable or via your hard. Usally “WeTransfer” allows transfers of a maximum of 2 gigabytes per session. If you have 10 gigabytes of video footage, you simply make five data transmissions. Please keep in mind that the whole process of uploading depends on the speed of your internet connection. It may take several hours or half a night to upload your video files. Finally, Pilentum will let you know via e-mail when he has downloaded the video files.

9. Description

If you have uploaded all video data, a description of your model railway or model railroad layout is still missing. You can create a short or long text using a Microsoft Word document, a simple text file or a Open Office document file. Also a e-mail including your description is possible. Of course, you may and you should write down everything that is important about your layout, for example, the construction time, the size, the scale, special trains, buildings, weathering, etc.

Please also add, if you want to be mentioned by name in the video description or if you prefer to remain anonymous. Note, there are already some people who invited Pilentum to produce a video documentary about their model railway layout or model railroad layout, but they did not want to be mentioned by name. However, your description should also include links to your website, your Instagram page, etc. Finally, Pilentum will take care of the translation of your description in different languages for the international audience.

10. Licensing

Our cooperation is completed with a small license agreement before publication. Unfortunately, this bureaucratic procedure is necessary so that we both have legal security. In the license agreement you confirm that you have created the video recordings yourself. Furthermore, you grant Pilentum Television an exclusive right to use your video files. That means the right to edit, to cut and finally to publish your video files. We will discuss all details about the licensing via e-mail.

You have spent many years building a model train layout? Wouldn't it be nice if you could present your model rail layout to the world? Pilentum Television offers you this unique opportunity: You can reach an audience of millions and present your layout on Pilentum’s video channel.

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Published: May 1, 2023