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The Largest Model Railroad in the World

This movie is about the largest model railroad and greatest model railway of the world. Moreover, it’s one of the longest video on YouTube. The world’s largest model train exhibition is called Miniatur Wonderland, and the world’s greatest model railroad layout is located in Germany. Pilentum thought Northlandz model railroad layout and museum, located near Flemington in New Jersey (USA), was the world’s biggest model railroad. But it is not.

Germany’s model railway exhibition taking 1,300 square meters or 13,993 sq ft of model area in HO scale. It’s a scale model and miniature world of superlatives. Model railroaders will love it. There are model locomotives, miniature trains, model cars, model aircrafts as well as model ships. This model train layout is not only a paradise of rail transport modeling or model railroading, but also one of Germany’s best tourist attraction.

The model railway layout consists of 15,400 meter or 50,525 ft of track in H0 scale, divided into eleven sections: 1) America and the United States on 100 square meters, 2) Sweden on 100 square meters, 3) The city of Hamburg on 200 square meters, 4) The fictitious city of Knuffingen with its amazing car system on 120 square meters, 5) Central Germany on 120 square meters, 6) Knuffingen Airport on 150 square meters, 7) Norway on 100 square meters, 8) Austria on 60 square meters, 9) Switzerland on 250 square meters, 10) Denmark on 100 square meters and 11) Bavaria on 50 square meters.

There is also a day and night simulation. More than 330,000 LED immerse the model train layout. The most recent attraction is the smallest commercial airport, called Knuffingen Airport, where more than 40 airplanes starting, landing, approaching or taxing on the aerodrome apron. Finally, it's hard to describe this model railway exhibition with words. This was the reason for this movie of more than four hours duration.


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The Largest Model Railroad in the World

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Published: March 23, 2021