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3D texture sheets to make scale models. For all types of surface. Three-dimensional and Super realistic. Self-adhesive and easy to work. Handmade product made in Spain.


REDUTEX® is a product aimed at the professional and amateur modeler. These are self-adhesive 3D texture sheets that faithfully reproduce a large number of architectural finishes and other textures of nature. An original manufacturing process guarantees a very realistic reproduction, to the eye and to the touch.

REDUTEX® textures are offered in a variety of color finishes to reproduce a wide range of true-to-life textures. These textures can be retouched with any of the known techniques to achieve personalized hyper-realistic effects. REDUTEX® is a handcrafted product that respects the environment.



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Doors and Windows

The doors and windows come on a sheet that resembles glass. Available in N scale and H0 scale, in several designs and different colors. These sheets are not self-adhesive.

REDUTEX - Doors and Windows.


3D flexible railing textures are available in H0 scale. Each blister has 7 units of 295 mm x 12 mm each. Remove it from its base with the help of a spatula as shown in the image below.

REDUTEX - Handrails.


Textures: Flexible - Self adhesive - Repositionable - Hyper realistic finishes - Petrified to time - Quick and easy to use.

Model Railroading: REDUTEX - 3D texture sheets.

Infinite Variety

More than 2000 models, in a variety of colors and available in all scales.

3D texture sheets to make scale models

3D texture sheets to make scale models

3D texture sheets to make scale models

3D texture sheets to make scale models

3D texture sheets to make scale models

3D texture sheets to make scale models

3D texture sheets to make scale models

REDUTEX (English)


Video Gallery

During the last years Pilentum Television has produced more than 430 videos. There are short portraits of very small layouts, extensive documentations of great miniature worlds as well as reports of international exhibitions. For visitors to this website, the many video documentations are divided into individual volumes. Actually, there are nine volumes available.

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

Volume Four

Volume Five

Volume Six

Volume Seven

Volume Eight

Volume Nine

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Published: October 19, 2020