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Paper Toys: Paper and card models of trams and tramways in scale 1:240 (Papercraft and Pepakura)

This city diorama, paper model, scale model or card model was built by Dieter Jannasch from Dresden, Germany. In 1948, at the age of 16, he started building this diorama or papercraft from sheets of heavy paper, paperboard and card stock. Some of these approximately 100 buildings were constructed on models of different cities, other buildings were made without any concrete reference to a particular city.

Furthermore, Dieter Jannasch built about 250 tram models in scale 1/240 for his superb city model. These model tramways were also made of cardboard modeling papers. Of course, these streetcars, street railways or trolleys have no motor drive. Pilentum spotted this diorama, which is called “City Model Burgheim”, during a special exhibition in the Transport Museum Dresden, Germany.


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Paper Toys: Paper and card models of trams and tramways in scale 1:240 (Papercraft and Pepakura)

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During the last years Pilentum Television has produced more than 430 videos. There are short portraits of very small layouts, extensive documentations of great miniature worlds as well as reports of international exhibitions. For visitors to this website, the many video documentations are divided into individual volumes. Actually, there are nine volumes available.

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Published: March 23, 2021