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Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk

In Southern Germany, near the Austrian border to the city of Salzburg, the wonderful “Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk” is located. It is a toy museum, a family trip destination, a superb model railway exhibition, a tourist attraction, a piece of art and much more. The Traumwerk was founded by Hans-Peter Porsche, the grandson of the famous automobile designer Ferdinand Porsche. Since his childhood, Hans-Peter Porsche has collected tin toys, model trains and sports cars. His dream was not only to treasure his collection but to share it with all those who also enjoy his passion and enthusiasm.

Welcome Speech

Listen to Hans-Peter Porsche's voice (English)

Hans-Peter Porsche

Listen to Hans-Peter Porsche's voice (German)

The audio files were provided courtesy of
Hohensalzburg Spielzeug und Modell GmbH
and Hearonymus Audioguide GmbH

Inside the building, there is one of the largest model railway layouts built by Märklin. This HO scale miniature world takes more than 4,000 square foot and depicts Austria, Switzerland and Germany. More than 100 train sets running simultaneously. Miniature vehicles driving on the streets. Loudspeakers as well as light and video projectors provide a spectacular illumination of day and night. Finally, there are more than 1.7 miles of rail tracks.

Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk

Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk

Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk

Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk

Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk

Model Railway Soundtrack

The song “Night Train” is the official soundtrack of Traumwerk's model railway.

Hans-Peter Porsche Soundtrack Night Train

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Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk
Zum Traumwerk 1
83454 Anger-Aufham


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Published: March 23, 2021