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Basically, Pilentum Television does not do influence marketing! We are not a platform for introducing products or for promoting model train accessories. We create high quality video documentaries to increase the audience’s attention. We report about model train shows, about special model railway exhibitions, about model railroad layouts and about railway clubs and railroad associations.

With our technical equipment as well as our style of filming, we have become very specialized. We are the market leader in this film genre or motion-picture category. Therefore, we are a strategic media partner for some famous commercial model railway exhibitors in Europe. For example, we cooperate with the great “Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk” in Germany. In addition, we have many other customers, such as museums throughout Europe. There are also many clients, who buy our advice and solutions personalized to their particular needs.

Our main task is to generate video material of extraordinary quality. Our clients receive a video documentary, which is immediately published on YouTube and other video networks. On YouTube, we have achieved a tremendous reach since 2013. Furthermore, our clients receive a lot of high-quality video footage and edited video clips for promoting and advertising on social networks. Because we produce in broadcast quality, our video footage can also be used for television commercials or for press and public relations.

Regarding the costs and conditions for a film production made by Pilentum Television, generally our clients pay the travel costs and hotel costs. There are no other costs! Pilentum Television does not charge a fee for working hours. We make our work out of love for model railroading and railway modelling.

If you are a professional model railway exhibitor, a trade fair operator, a modeler, a club or an association, you should use Pilentum’s knowledge for online video advertising and you should become a part of Pilentum’s video network. Please, consider the successful growth of our global social media reach.

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With Pilentum Television you can increase visitor numbers and your audience’s attention. Also manufacturers of model trains can use Pilentum’s services. Instead of spending a lot of money in print media advertising, such as magazines and newspapers, use social video marketing as a component of your integrated marketing communications plan.

Telephone: +49 69 2475 1767
E-Mail: post@pilentum-television.com